About Us

Our mission is to empower creators
with AI tools that will supercharge their efforts.
We are focused on positively impacting the work of the people crafting stories in gaming, film, and more.
People of Cybever

What Drives Us

Our story started with the idea of using AI to supercharge creators to truly benefit game, film, and other story tellers.

To drive innovation and stay on track, we set these guiding principles.

Safe AI
Fully licensed datasets, ethical AI, End-2-End IP protection
Artists First
Professionals are our North Star - Artists, Directors, & Producers
Positive Innovation
Be the catalyst for positive innovation and never stop learning

Who We Are

Born in the Bay
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, founded by Google X Alum, the SF Bay Area is home
Research Driven
Over 10 years in AI/ML research developing pioneering models for safe AI
In gaming, film, and tech, we know that the creators behind the scenes are key to success
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